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Change the World- Goals for the next 100 years 1



This project is led by 100-årsmålene, a network organization, to encourage people to help formulate long-term, sustainable goals for Norwegian society. 

Participants involved
Besides the network organization, this project also includes the participation of individuals, small groups, and other large and small organizations throughout Norway who help create dialogue groups. 


Steps taken
This dialogue method is carried out through three distinct steps:

1. The creative phase, whereby there is brainstorming of potential ideas to look into
2. The analytical phase, whereby emotions are put aside and participants use their logical reasoning and information to examine ideas proposed
3. The decision making phase, whereby emotions and logic are used to evaluate and rank the idea and final propositions are formulate

More information
For more information please consult
http://www.hundreaarsmaalene.no. (Please note, the information is only available in Norwegian.)

  Change the World- Goals for the next 100 years 2 



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