Café dialogue Skriv ut


Change the World - Cafe Dialogue1



Resources needed
Paper, pens and/or markers.

The goal is to discuss different views and get new ideas related to one or more specific challenges. It can also be used to critically reflect on a particular situation.

The session has one overarching theme and some sub-themes, which are presented to the group in the introduction. The participants are then divided into small groups and placed around a table, like in a café. One host is also placed by each table, and is responsible for one sub-theme. The tables should be covered in paper, so that the participants can take notes during the discussions. The host is responsible for making sure that all comments, ideas and suggestions are written down. The goal is not to criticize other people’s ideas, but to come up with as many good proposals as possible. Each group discusses the specific challenge for ten minutes, and then moves to a new table. The each host remains by his/her table and when a new group arrives he/she explains what the previous group discussed and includes the new group in this discussion. Each group visits each table once. After a complete rotation the hosts present the discussions.

It is beneficial to be at least 15 people or more, and to have three to four rounds of “table-visits”, each one lasting approximately 15 minutes.


Alternative methods
1. The participants can choose which sub-theme/table they would like to join, so that new groups are formed continuously.
2. The participants do not speak, they only write down their points in the discussion, whether they are responding directly to another participant or to a statement written on each table from the beginning. The participants can be allowed to move around the tables as they wish.

  Change the World- Cafe Dialogue2