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This project was led by The New Democracy Foundation to learn how to strengthen democracy by engaging 150 randomly selected people from across Australia.


Participants involved
This project was funded by a grant from the Australian Research Council and developed in conjunction with The New Democracy Foundation.  A random sample of 150 people, accounting for gender, age, educational level and cultural background made up the Citizen Parliament.


Steps taken
1.    An invitation was sent to 8,000 randomly selected citizens of which 3,000 responded
2.    All 3,000 were allowed to participate in an ‘Online Parliament’ to brainstorm and develop proposals
3.    150 of the 3,000 were randomly selected citizens to attend a one day regional meeting where they received copies of the online proposals
4.    The 150 citizens attended the Citizen’s Parliament in Canberra and used a variety of participatory processes
5.    A random selection of the 150 presented the final report from the Citizen’s Parliament to the government


More information
For more information please consult http://www.citizensparliament.org.au/.

  Change the -World Australia First Citizens Parlament 2 


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